22 Jun 2015

Employment agencies: reporting requirements

From 6 April 2015, many employment intermediaries are subject to new quarterly reporting rules and must send information about workers, where they don't operate Pay As You Earn, to HMRC using a specified template. The rules are far reaching and have some surprising consequences for those who may not even realise they are affected. You don’t have to be called an employment agency to be within these new rules and other intermediaries will be caught too.

05 Jun 2015

UK Tax Filing requirements for overseas Landlords and changes to capital gains tax on UK property from 6 April 2015

A UK income tax return is required to be completed by overseas landlords. This is necessary to ensure that the correct amount of UK taxation is paid. It is possible to claim a variety of expenses against the rental income, so long as the expense is incurred wholly and exclusively for the rental activity purposes.

30 Apr 2015

Tax efficient salaries

For 2015-16. For close companies, and employment allowance and no NI for young workers.

04 Mar 2015

Recommendations for Contractor Year-end Tax Planning

Now that the January rush to get self-assessments returns completed has passed, our focus for our Ltd company contractor clients is on year end taxation planning – noting that the tax year end for individuals is 5 April 2015.

18 Feb 2015

Tax Saving Tips for your Business

While aggressive tax avoidance is now being targeted by HM Revenue & Customs, you can still ensure your own financial well-being by saving tax wherever possible. Here are some tax saving tips for your business that you might find helpful.

17 Feb 2015

End of year reporting

With April approaching, you need to start preparing to make your final PAYE submission for the tax year ending 5 April 2015. Here some tips to prepare final submissions.

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