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Why MG Group

MG Group believes that professional teams and great performance are the products of having a well educated, highly skilled, fully motivated and diverse workforce.

Our culture and ethos is based around high performance and ensuring that our people enjoy working in a stimulating and motivating environment. We passionately believe in training and development of our people. Every MG Group accountant receives continuous training, development, guidance and feedback to ensure they are continually improving and developing. This ensures that we maintain a highly skilled and motivated work force and also ensures that clients are receiving the highest possible level of service and high quality tax and accounting advice.


MG Group is affiliated with a wide range of complimentary service providers.

Our partner firms include pension advisers, financial advisers, investment managers, hedge fund providers, insurance intermediaries. We carefully assess our clients' needs before making a recommendation to ensure that our clients are comfortable with our recommendation including why we believe someone is the best placed to deal with them.

For private client services in relation to preparation and administration of wills & trusts, we work closely with Deep Walia from Owen White & Catlin LLP Solicitors. Please see the following link for contact information for Deep.


If you require any additional professional services outside of those provided by MG Group, we would be delighted to assist.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be delighted to help.

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